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Journalistic Objectivity is Fiction – And That’s Just Fine.

By Bryson Hull
November 29, 2016
All journalists, from their first day in class or on the job, are taught a sacrosanct principle that’s spoken of in reverential tones and repeated as if part of a monastic ritual: objectivity.

When workplace monitoring, behavioral analytics, and employee privacy collide

By Terri Williams
November 11, 2016
Imagine wristwatch sensors that can detect perspiration and monitor pulse rates – not as part of an exercise regimen, but in a workplace setting. In 2014, an MIT professor used such technology to monitor 57 stock and bond traders in a simulated lab, measuring their ability to handle stress while trading millions of dollars on Wall Street. The results revealed that the top performers, including one trader who made more than $1 million in a couple of hours, were able to quickly handle and recover…

Internet Trolls and the Ones Who Love Them

By David Stockdale
October 28, 2016
The formula for mass internet outrage is increasingly nebulous; we never know what will set off the next online frenzy. But Milo Yiannopoulos, senior editor at Breitbart, seems to have it all figured out. As a particularly vocal voice of the alt-right movement, he has actually carved out a niche market for himself by exploiting the volatile, at times fickle cycles of online outrage. He has developed an audience by routinely saying outrageous things in protest of a culture he considers to be too…

Spinning out of control: we need a code of campaign ethics

By Kate Baucherel
October 14, 2016
In June 2016, the result of the U.K.’s referendum on membership of the European Union brings down the Prime Minister, cripples Parliament and divides a nation in acrimonious back-biting. a Why did the ‘Brexit’ vote cause such surprise and disruption, and can you be sure this turmoil won’t happen in the upcoming presidential election?

Death and the Internet: What Happens to Your Digital Assets When You Die?

By Nikki Williams
September 29, 2016
When you die, the executor of your estate begins the task of managing and distributing your assets. In the past, financial accounts, real estate and various chattels such as cars, furniture, personal property and other tangible items were affected. The advent of the information age, however, finds individuals storing heritable information online in the form of accounts and personal data.

Invasions of Privacy in Virtual Reality Journalism

By Paulina Haselhorst
September 20, 2016
In 2015, Clouds Over Sidra, the first virtual reality (VR) video created for the United Nations, drew the public’s attention for both for its technological novelty and its adeptness at engaging users. With the help of a headset, viewers followed along as a young Syrian girl named Sidra took them on a tour of her Zaatari refugee camp, walking them through her daily life.