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Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence

By Kate Baucherel
July 24, 2017
Will big business compromise the ethics of artificial intelligence?

Using Facebook to Identify Potential Problem Drinkers, Is It Ever Justified?

By Terri Williams
July 24, 2017
A study, “College Students’ Drinking and Posting About Alcohol: Forwarding a Model of Motivations, Behaviors, and Consequences,” by researchers at the University of North Carolina and Ohio University, reveals an interesting correlation between drinking alcohol and posting about it on social media.

Corporate Watchdogs or Self-Serving Capitalists?

By Nikki Williams
September 5, 2017
The recent violence in Charlottesville, Virginia has underscored the increase in racist hate groups in the United States.

The Ethics of Doxing Nazis

By Michael Cullinane
October 12, 2017
Following the wake-up-call that was the Unite the Right rally and subsequent chaos in Charlottesville, many Americans wondered what they could do to help suppress the growing and emboldened White Nationalist movement.

Social Media in the Wake of Disaster

By Nikki Williams
October 12, 2017
Houston is finally recovering from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Throughout the aftermath, survivors took to social media to shout out encouragement to first responders, give directions to shelters and help centers for those in need, enlist essential help and, perhaps most importantly, to encourage people to act in ways appropriate to a widespread emergency.

Digital Connect: Sharing Experiences with Parents Benefits Children’s Media Literacy

By Jabari Evans
October 16, 2017
Though originally considered to be a much more secondary contributor to social learning, digital media and the sudden mobility of mass media have made it important to examine the media’s role in children’s socialization and parent usage of technology during quality time with their kids. New ways for parents and children to use digital media arrive every year.